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If you prefer to experiment on your own with various design ideas, our kitchen planning tool is perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Whether you want help with your design or wish to try it on your own, the first step is the same.

How does your space lay out?

  • Detailed measurements of walls, doors, and windows (don’t forget to note the height from the finished floor).
  • Note locations of the electric outlets and appliances as well as the plumbing.
  • List the types of appliances you would like to include in your new kitchen (ie refrigerator, dishwasher, slide-in or freestanding range, cooktop with built in oven, wine cooler).

Kitchen design software can sometimes be confusing and cumbersome.  If you find yourself lost or overwhelmed, we are here to help at every step.  There is also a very good video tutorial to explain the process once you have loaded the software.

Basic Steps:

  1. Register by clicking Sign In. this will also allow you to save your design.
  2. Choose from an available design to alter or choose to design your own kitchen from the beginning.
  3. Select the room shape at the bottom that illustrates the wall configuration of your space and fill in the dimensions for walls A, B and C (if applicable).
  4. Begin laying out the design by adding doors and windows.  You can select the style and fill in the size at the right side of the screen.  Place the item by dragging it into your design.
    a.  Fill in the dimensions from wall to set the item quickly and precisely.
    b.  Be sure to fill in height from floor for windows.
  5. To place cabinets, start by dragging and dropping the base cabinets you select into the design.
  6. Once you have laid out the base cabinets, move to the appliances.
  7. Lastly, drop your selected wall cabinets into the design.  The software will automatically place the cabinets at 54” from finished floor.
    a.  Selecting cabinets for above the range, refrigerator and possibly sink may require setting specific heights from floor to position correctly.
    b.  Typically you will put the refrigerator cabinet 72” above finished floor.  Microwave cabinets may vary with the height of your microwave or hood application.
  8. To finalize your design, select/place your sink and faucet , click counter and molding buttons to add if you want to include crown molding in your design.
  9. Clicking the 3D button will show you a redering of your design.  From this screen, you can select various counters, flooring, wall color etc.
  10. Print, Settings and Save.  By saving, your design will be sent to  This will allow our designers to review your design, make any necessary sizing or space adjustments, and make any suggestions.

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