Design Help

Free Kitchen Design Help

We would be more than happy to help you with your kitchen design. The most important step will be to create a floor plan for your kitchen space. Please download the PDF file below and follow the steps.

Measure each wall of your kitchen at a height of 3 feet from the floor.

Draw in any openings (windows, doors, etc.) on your walls. Measure from the corner to the outside edge of any molding around the opening. Measure the opening from outside edge to outside edge of any molding surround.

Check your measurements by measuring from the opposite corner to the opening. These 3 measurements should equal the total wall measurement from step 1.

Mark on your floor plan the location of electrical outlets, water lines, wall switches, gas lines and drain pipes.

Measure the floor to ceiling height for each of your walls. Double check on a few spots of the wall. If your walls have windows, now is the time to measure the bottom and top of the window from the floor.

Note the height of the water lines, drains, switches, and electrical outlets notated on your floorplan.

If you have any specific wishes you would like to incorporate into your new kitchen, write them down.

This is the easy part. Fax or email your design and notes to us and we will get back to you shortly with any questions. (800) 776 – 4188 or or fax:(866) 360-0401.